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File #: 16-0973   
Type: Report to Board/Commission Status: Agenda Ready
Meeting Body: Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission
On agenda: 10/20/2016
Title: Forward recommendation to the City Council related to the Horizon 2035 Land Use and Transportation Element
Attachments: 1. General Plan Table of Contents, 2. Links to Horizon 2035 Website and Other Sources, 3. Council Policy, Jobs-Housing Imbalance, 4. Open City Hall Results-Snapshot, 5. Comparison of Goals & Policies: Adopted LUTE to Draft LUTE

Forward recommendation to the City Council related to the Horizon 2035 Land Use and Transportation Element

The Land Use and Transportation Element (LUTE) draft is currently available for public review. The LUTE includes two of the seven State required elements of Sunnyvale's General Plan and establishes goals and policies for the physical development and transportation system of the city. The LUTE will be incorporated into the Land Use and Transportation chapter of the General Plan; the chapter also includes Economy and Open Space sections which will not be modified by this update. Attachment 1 is the Table of Contents for the entire adopted General Plan. The Housing Element (Chapter 5) was updated in 2015; other elements will be updated in the future. The LUTE incorporates major land use and transportation changes in areas highlighted in the Changing Conditions map (Figure 1 on page 11 of the Draft LUTE), including areas of the Peery Park Specific Plan, Lawrence Station Area Plan, El Camino Real Plan, and Village Centers. The Horizon 2035 LUTE plans for the potential buildout of 72,100 housing units and 59.8 million square feet of industrial, office and commercial space; compared to the currently adopted General Plan, levels represent an increased potential of 5,530 housing units and 4.3 million square feet of industrial, office, and commercial space. Transportation policies in the draft LUTE focus on a regional approach to reducing vehicle miles traveled, complete streets, alternative transportation, and supporting mixed use development that allows for car-light and car-free living in Sunnyvale.

The LUTE Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) analyzes the potential environmental impacts of LUTE policies and mitigates those impacts to less than significant levels, if feasible. The Draft EIR was available for a 45-day public review and comment period from August 26, 201...

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