Legislative Public Meetings

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File #: 17-0335   
Type: Information Only Status: Information Only
Meeting Body: City Council
On agenda: 3/28/2017
Title: Study Session Summary of February 28, 2017 - Mary Avenue Overcrossing - Environmental Impact Report
Related files: 17-0030, 16-0219, 15-0953, 16-0862, 17-1180
Study Session Summary of February 28, 2017 - Mary Avenue Overcrossing - Environmental Impact Report

Call to Order:
Mayor Glenn Hendricks called the meeting to order at 5 p.m.

City Councilmembers Present:
Mayor Glenn Hendricks
Vice Mayor Gustav Larsson
Councilmember Jim Griffith
Councilmember Larry Klein
Councilmember Nancy Smith
Councilmember Russ Melton
Councilmember Michael S. Goldman

City Councilmembers Absent:

Study Session Summary:
Director of Public Works Manuel Pineda, and Transportation and Traffic Manager Ria Hutabarat Lo presented information about the Mary Avenue Overcrossing Environmental Impact Report (EIR) including project background, a description of the five project options under consideration, design amendments made based on community and stakeholder input, project timeline, and public outreach processes.

Councilmembers asked questions, made comments, and requested additional information as summarized below:
* Make sure the project does not preclude future non-motorized connections to Moffett Park Light Rail Train (LRT) station and John W. Christian Trail.
- Future connections would be separate from this project and would need to address feasibility issues such as height. If feasible, the 2-way cycle track would make such connections easier.
- Mayor Hendricks suggested that access to LRT occur via 11th Avenue.
* What was the original objection raised in the law suit?
- The lawsuit focused on the use of a 2020 traffic baseline.
* Only 10% of Sunnyvale residents work here, so what is the project rationale?
* Concern was expressed about creating another Sunnyvale-Saratoga Road.
* Why did people support complete removal from the General Plan?
- Concerns generally relate to cost, traffic volume and safety on Mary.
* Public transit is minimal, so how would the transit/bike/pedestrian option work?
- The project team has met with Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and shuttle providers and is seeking input to asse...

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