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File #: 17-0136   
Type: Report to Council Status: Passed
Meeting Body: City Council
On agenda: 5/23/2017
Title: Award a Contract for Civic Center Master Planning Services to SmithGroupJJR and Approve Budget Modification No. 46 in the Amount of $1,350,000 from the General Fund Capital Improvement Projects Reserve
Attachments: 1. Draft Agreement, 2. Staff Presentation 20170523 (17-0136)




Award a Contract for Civic Center Master Planning Services to SmithGroupJJR and Approve Budget Modification No. 46 in the Amount of $1,350,000 from the General Fund Capital Improvement Projects Reserve




On October 25, 2016, City Council approved a scope of services for the Civic Center Modernization Project Master Plan (RTC No. 16-0072). The scope outlines specific consulting services needed to complete a long-term Master Plan for the Civic Center and further defined what elements of the project would be implemented as part of the first phase of construction. The scope of work also documented decisions that have already been made by the Council and specific studies that were needed to support decision making during the master planning process.


Council direction has guided the Civic Center project at several decision points since community outreach began in early 2015. A brief summary of decisions made to date include the following:

                     A “Range of Project Alternatives” document was adopted at the beginning of the 2015 community outreach process (RTC No. 15-011, Feb. 24, 2016, see Attachment 1 for Range of Project Alternatives). It identified that we would evaluate either replacement or renovation/building addition options for the Main Library, Public Safety Building, City Hall Annex and City Hall buildings. It stated that the Sunnyvale Office Center, South Annex, and Garden Conference Room buildings would be demolished. Renovation of these buildings was not being considered.

                     Vision Statement, Success Criteria, and Needs Assessment documents were adopted for the Civic Center Project (RTC No. 15-0776, Sept. 29, 2015).

                     Eliminate consideration of the sale or lease of land at the Civic Center as a way to provide funding for the project (RTC No. 15-0445, Dec. 15, 2015).

                     Eliminate further consideration of Land Use Prototype G - Courthouse land alternative (RTC No. 15-0445, Dec. 15, 2015).

                     Based on the results of a community survey on a potential bond measure, do not pursue a bond measure in November 2016, and pursue implementation of the Civic Center Project using a phased approach (RTC No.16-0077, May 17, 2016).

                     Include space for NOVA Workforce Services at the Civic Center either by renovating the City Hall Annex Building or by including space in a new City Hall (RTC No. 16-0072, Oct. 25, 2016).

                     The existing City Hall Building will be replaced with a new building that includes sustainable features to achieve a LEED Platinum rating as part of Phase 1 of the project (RTC No. 16-0072, Oct. 25, 2016).

                     Further evaluation of the Public Safety Building will be included in the Master Plan for selective remodeling improvements and/or a building addition (RTC No. 16-0072, Oct. 25, 2016).



General Plan, Chapter 4, entitled “Community Character,” includes the following policies applicable to the Civic Center Modernization Project:

4.1b Consider ways to increase the visibility of the Civic Center on Mathilda Avenue and El Camino Real and consider better identification for the Community Center along Remington.

3.1d Consider developing Zoning Code standards for minimum depths of below grade parking and avoid at grade parking under building.

The Council Fiscal Policy contains several policies related to infrastructure in section 7.1C, Capital Improvement Policies:

C.1.3 High priority should be given to replacing capital improvements prior to the time that they have deteriorated to the point where they are hazardous, incur high maintenance costs, negatively affect property values, or no longer serve their intended purposes.

C.1.5 Priority will be given to the repair and replacement of existing infrastructure as compared to the provision of new or expanded facilities.

C.1 The decision on whether to repair or to replace an existing capital asset will be based on which alternative is most cost-effective or provides the best value to the City.


Pursuant to Sunnyvale Charter Section 1305, at any meeting after the adoption of the budget, the City Council may amend or supplement the budget by motion adopted by affirmative votes of at least four members so as to authorize the transfer of unused balances appropriated for one purpose to another, or to appropriate available revenue not included in the budget.



This action is to award a contract for Civic Center Master Planning Services and does not constitute a “project” within the meaning of the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”) pursuant to CEQA Guidelines section 15378(a) as it has no potential for resulting in either a direct physical change in the environment, or a reasonably foreseeable indirect physical change in the environment and CEQA Guidelines section 15262, which exempts feasibility and planning studies for possible future actions that have not been funded or approved. The scope of services for the Master Plan includes preparation of a Program Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The EIR will be prepared and circulated for public comment during the master planning process and certified prior to Council action to consider adoption of the final Master Plan.



Based on the approved scope of work, staff used a two-step process to select an architect to complete the Master Plan. First, a request for qualifications (RFQ) was issued to solicit interest from qualified firms. The RFQ required information about the consultants’ team, similar projects they had completed, subconsultants they planned to use and their approach to completing the work. The RFQ process was published on the City’s Demand Star procurement system and open to any firms interested in the project. The City received eight statements of qualification from interested architecture firms.


A City evaluation team reviewed all statements of qualification and developed a short list of the four most qualified firms. These four firms were invited to submit more detailed proposals that included proposed fees and a schedule for completing the Master Plan. An expanded evaluation team, which included the City Manager, Civic Center Project Manager, and several department directors reviewed each proposal and conducted interviews of the four finalists. The evaluation team unanimously selected SmithGroupJJR as the most qualified proposer.


Upon selection of SmithGroupJJR, detailed scopes of work were developed for the primary architect and each subconsultant to better define specific work products and assumptions related to their work scopes. The proposed schedule was refined to reflect community outreach activities, key decision points for City Council, and the EIR public review process.


Staff negotiated final fees totaling $1,146,762 for the base scope of work and outlined several options for additional services if needed.  Key work products to be developed as part of the Master Plan include the following:

                     Site Plan. Overall site plan for the Civic Center Campus showing the placement of buildings for all project phases, primary open space features, and parking solutions. Graphics to depict the campus at the completion of phase 1 and at completion of all phases, including a digital model are included.

                     New City Hall Architecture. Two architectural concepts will be developed for a new City Hall building, presented for input by the community and Planning Commission, and refined for final selection of a concept by the City Council.

                     City Hall Annex Building Renovation Option. An assessment of the City Hall Annex building will be completed to evaluate existing structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and roofing systems. Results of the evaluation will be presented to Council to determine if the City Hall Annex should be renovated for NOVA or if space for NOVA should be included in the New City Hall building. Professional fees for this part of the Master Plan total $97,293.

                     Floor Plans. Floor plans will be developed for the new City Hall building, City Hall Annex building (if selected for renovation), and for a Public Safety building addition and selective interior remodel. The development of floor plans will ensure project goals are being met such as: creating a welcoming environment, improved customer service, better staff efficiency, and added meeting spaces that are accessible to the community. Floor plans will also be used to finalize building sizes and update cost estimates.

                     Circulation Study. Circulation for bikes, pedestrians and autos will be planned including looking at options to keep, reconfigure, or close portions of West Olive Avenue and All America Way.

                     Sustainable Design Features. Sustainable design features will be evaluated and recommended for buildings and site improvements. LEED check lists will be created to identify features needed to meet LEED Platinum for the New City Hall building.

                     Community Outreach. Community outreach activities are included throughout the master planning process and documented in the project schedule. Outreach activities will include focus groups, numerous reviews by City commissions (Planning Commission, Sustainability Commission, Board of Library Trustees, Parks and Recreation Commission, Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission), a community-wide workshop, pop-up events, Open City Hall surveys, community newsletter articles, and regular updates to the project website.

                     Environmental Review. Preparation of a Program EIR covering all phases of the Master Plan will be developed and circulated for public review.

                     Land Survey. A land survey will be completed to identify the location of major utilities, property lines, easements, contours and other site features. A tree location and condition assessment has already been completed for the campus.

                     Construction Sequencing Plan. A construction sequencing plan will be prepared to evaluate whether existing buildings can remain occupied during construction of phase 1 improvements or if temporary space will be needed to meet service delivery needs.

                     Cost Estimates. Preliminary cost estimates will be prepared for all phase 1 improvements.

                     Master Plan Report. A final report including illustrations will be prepared to document Council direction for all phases for the Civic Center Modernization Project.

                     Optional Services. Optional services totaling $52,560 were priced and could be added later as needed. These include: preparation of a physical model of the Civic Center at completion of Phase 1, a stand-alone project website, additional community surveys, additional community meetings.


The schedule for completing the Master Plan including circulation and certification of the Program EIR is approximately 16 months. A project schedule is included in Attachment 1.



The total potential contract is $1,319,254 including $1,146,762 for base services, $52,560 for the optional services, and a 10% contingency in the amount of $119,932.


Budget Modification No. 46 has been prepared to appropriate General Fund Capital Improvement Projects Reserves in the amount of $1,350,000 to Project 831340 - Civic Center Modernization Project in the Infrastructure Renovation and Replacement Fund. Funds will cover consulting expenses and incidental project expenses such as printing and mailings for public outreach activities. The City is also contracting separately for preparation of the Traffic Impact Analysis and a boundary survey of the Civic Center property. Currently, $61,085 is unexpended from a total of $550,000 currently budgeted to the project. With the recommended increase, a total of $1,411,085 will be available for the contract and other Civic Center planning activities.













Budget Modification No. 46

FY 2016/17




Increase/ (Decrease)


Infrastructure Renovation and Replacement Fund




Transfers In




Transfer from the General Fund (Project 831340-Civic Center Modernization)












Project 831340-Civic Center Modernization








General Fund








Transfer to the Infrastructure Renovation and Replacement Fund (Project 831340-Civic Center Modernization)












Capital Improvement Projects Reserve





Funds for master planning activities are being covered by the General Fund Capital Improvement Projects Reserves. However, the Civic Center project as a whole will be funded from a variety of funding sources including several enterprise funds and development impact fees. Once the Master Plan is complete, data from the plan will be used to develop an equitable funding allocation to various funds. Project funding to date, including the current request, will be reallocated to reimburse the General Fund for planning expenses. Additional funding will be needed for design and construction upon completion of the Master Plan.



Public contact was made by posting the Council agenda on the City's official-notice bulletin board outside City Hall, at the Sunnyvale Senior Center, Community Center and Department of Public Safety; and by making the agenda and report available at the Sunnyvale Public Library, the Office of the City Clerk and on the City's website. 


Notices were sent via email to the Civic Center interested parties list.



1.                     Award a contract in substantially the same a form as Attachment 1 to SmithGroupJJR in an amount not to exceed $1,199,322 and authorize the City Manager to execute the contract when all necessary conditions have been met.

2.                     Approve a contract contingency of 10% in the amount of $119,932.

3.                     Approve Budget Modification No. 46 in the amount of $1,350,000 to provide funding for the Civic Center Modernization Project.

4.                     Other direction as provided by Council.




Alternatives 1, 2 and 3: 1) Award a contract, in substantially the same a form as Attachment 1 to the report, to SmithGroupJJR in an amount not to exceed $1,199,322 and authorize the City Manager to execute the contract when all necessary conditions have been met; 2) Approve a contract contingency of 10% in the amount of $119,932; and 3) Approve Budget Modification No. 46 in the amount of $1,350,000 to provide funding for the Civic Center Modernization Project.


Master planning is the next step in the Civic Center Modernization Project. Developing a Master Plan will build on the community outreach process and direction the Council has provided to date and create a long-term plan for the Civic Center Campus. More evaluation is needed to make key decisions on building siting, architectural style, parking solutions, site circulation, open space and sustainable features to be included in the project. The Master Plan will also include an environmental impact report that is needed to continue moving forward with the project. Upon adoption of the Master Plan the City will be ready to move forward with design of improvements included as part of phase 1 of the project.


Prepared by: Kent Steffens, Assistant City Manager

Reviewed by: Timothy J. Kirby, Director, Finance Department

Approved by: Deanna J. Santana, City Manager



1.                     Draft Agreement for Civic Center Master Planning