Legislative Public Meetings

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File #: 18-0855   
Type: Information Only Status: Information Only
Meeting Body: City Council
On agenda: 10/16/2018
Title: Study Session Summary of July 31, 2018 - El Camino Real Corridor Specific Plan - Presentation of Design Examples


Study Session Summary of July 31, 2018 - El Camino Real Corridor Specific Plan - Presentation of Design Examples



Call to Order:

Vice Mayor Larry Klein called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.


City Councilmembers Present:

Mayor Glenn Hendricks

Vice Mayor Larry Klein

Councilmember Jim Griffith

Councilmember Gustav Larsson

Councilmember Nancy Smith

Councilmember Russ Melton

Councilmember Michael S. Goldman


City Councilmembers Absent:



Study Session Summary: 

Assistant Director of Community Development, Andrew Miner, gave a presentation including: a summary of the most recent City Council Study Session; information on potential development standards and densities for the segments and nodes; and site-specific examples of the development concepts/densities. 


Comments provided by the City Council:

                     Support for the site-specific modeling examples and the information they portray of the potential development standards and densities.

                     Support for the Community Benefits program, and the need to re-evaluate it every few years to prioritize incentives.

                     Emphasis that El Camino Real (ECR) should remain a commercial corridor.

                     Concern and support for conceptual maximum height standards, support emphasized near the Civic Center Node.

                     Continue to use the conceptual densities presented in the study.

                     ECR corridor plan should coordinate with the goals and vision of the Vision Zero Plan.

                     Support for the building stepback to occur at the third story.

                     Concern over impacts to single-family neighborhoods adjacent to properties on ECR, especially in relation to the proposed 45-degree plane.

                     Emphasis on the need for great design standards, including articulation on buildings.

                     Concerned with the effects that locating parking/open space in the rear of buildings may have on the low-density housing units that are adjacent.

                     Appreciation for the consideration that new buildings may have on the single-family neighborhoods that are adjacent to ECR parcels.

                     Support for having side yard setbacks on ECR.

                     The need for improved public transportation on ECR to support the proposed growth.

                     Support for making ECR a safe walkable street.


Public Comment:

Several members of the public were present at the meeting and provided the following comments on the information that was presented:

                     A good community benefits plan is necessary and should include:

o                     Incentivization of studio units; and

o                     Prioritization of affordable housing.

                     Support for the removal of on-street parking on ECR.

                     The ECR streetscape should be considered when development projects are analyzed.

                     Concern with potential 5-story buildings on ECR.

                     Coordination with Vision Zero Plan, and potential updates needed to the Citywide bike plan once decisions are made on ECR.

                     Support for a cycle track on ECR.

                     Request that the property located on the SW corner of Hollenbeck and ECR be included in the Civic Center node to allow higher density development.

                     Support for the form based code approach.

                     Better transportation is needed along ECR.

                     Emphasis on the need for safe bike/pedestrian paths on ECR and the plan should anticipate bike share programs and e-scooter programs.



Vice Mayor Klein adjourned the meeting at 6:30 p.m.