Legislative Public Meetings

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File #: 19-0245   
Type: Report to Council Status: Passed
Meeting Body: City Council
On agenda: 3/5/2019
Title: Approve Budget Modification No. 23 in the Amount of $45,000 and modify the scope for the One-Stop Permit Center Project 831530 and Find that the Action is Exempt from CEQA




Approve Budget Modification No. 23 in the Amount of $45,000 and modify the scope for the One-Stop Permit Center Project 831530 and Find that the Action is Exempt from CEQA




The One-Stop Permit Center Project (831530) was established to renovate the One-Stop Permit Center counter and cabinet facilities due to their state of deterioration. The approved project funds have not been utilized to date and $50,000 remains currently available. At the time the One-Stop Permit Center Project was developed the Civic Center Modernization Project was only conceptual in nature and so it was appropriate to address the aging One-Stop Permit Center infrastructure with a standalone project. The priority needs of the Building Division have subsequently changed and now a work area reconfiguration is required to accommodate existing and future staff. With the advancement of the Civic Center Modernization Project it is pertinent to now re-evaluate the One-Stop Permit Center Project. Staff is requesting a budget modification and change in the One-Stop Permit Center Project’s scope of work to best address current Building Division needs.



Pursuant to Sunnyvale Charter Section 1305, at any meeting after the adoption of the budget, the City Council may amend or supplement the budget by motion adopted by affirmative votes of at least four members so as to authorize the transfer of unused balances appropriated for one purpose to another, or to appropriate available revenue not included in the budget.



The action being considered does not require environmental review because it can be seen with certainty that there is no possibility that the action will have a significant effect on the environment (CEQA Guidelines §15061(b)(3)).



The Building Division provides a myriad of services to members of the public at the One-Stop Permit Center and most of the workstations are housed adjacent to the One-Stop space along with workstations for Fire Prevention staff. Staff from the Department of Public Works Engineering and Transportation Divisions and from the Community Development Department Planning and Housing Divisions also provide services at the One-Stop permit counter. The current Building Division workstations are outdated (e.g., they are not configured to facilitate e-plan check reviews) and are located in multiple areas of the department.


The One-Stop Permit Center space is not optimally designed for use by staff or customers; through recent reorganization and plan storage there is additional space available at the counter; however, staff workstations are crowded and not well organized. It can be cumbersome to navigate the labyrinth of cubicles, especially given spacing constraints due to the storing of building permit plan sets and other project documentation. Staff proposes to reallocate the One-Stop Permit Center Project funds to purchase new workstations and reorganize the Building Division’s space. This consolidation of space would enable staff to more efficiently serve members of the public at the counter. Minor cosmetic repairs to the One-Stop counter will be completed, however not to the prior level of upgrades previously approved.


By necessity there are Building employees who currently use workstations in other areas of City Hall because there is no remaining available space. Once the Fire Prevention staffing is filled, there will not be enough space for each of the approved positions. A reorganized space and upgraded infrastructure would allow Building and Fire Prevention staff to use modern workstations that are all located adjacent to the One-Stop Permit Center. Modern work stations will accommodate revised computer equipment for e-plan check and need less area for storage of hard copy code books and printed plans. The modernization will also facilitate new configurations for plotters, printers and scanners. These floor plan and work area changes will result in smaller individual work areas and a reduction in the amount of storage area needed, thus accommodating more employees in the same overall space.


Staff recommends additional funding in the amount of $45,000 along with the reallocation of existing One-Stop Permit Center Project funds to purchase new Building Division and Fire Prevention workstations. This revised project will enable Building staff (and Fire Prevention staff who work on development applications and permits) to be centrally located, which will allow for more effective coordination of development services.



The existing Permit Center project is funded by the Development Enterprise Fund and the requested additional funding would also be allocated from the Development Enterprise Fund.


Budget Modification No. 23

FY 2018/19






Development Enterprise Fund








Project 831530 - One-Stop Permit Center












Development Enterprise Reserve







Public contact was made by posting the City Council agenda on the City's official-notice bulletin board outside City Hall, at the Sunnyvale Senior Center and Community Center, and by making the agenda and report available at the Sunnyvale Public Library, the Office of the City Clerk and on the City's website.




Find that the action is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) pursuant to CEQA Guidelines §15061(b)(3)) and approve Budget Modification No. 23 in the amount of $45,000 with a modified project scope to provide funding for new Building Division workstations and a reorganization of the One-Stop Permit Center.



Prepared by:  Katherine Hall, Management Analyst, Community Development Department

Reviewed by: Trudi Ryan, Director of Community Development

Reviewed by: Timothy J. Kirby, Director of Finance
Reviewed by: Teri Silva, Assistant City Manager

Approved by: Kent Steffens, City Manager