Legislative Public Meetings

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File #: 19-1203   
Type: Report to Council Status: Passed
Meeting Body: City Council
On agenda: 12/3/2019
Title: Receive and File the City of Sunnyvale Investment Report - 3rd Quarter 2019
Attachments: 1. City of Sunnyvale Investment Report Third Quarter 2019

Receive and File the City of Sunnyvale Investment Report - 3rd Quarter 2019

In accordance with California Government Code Section 53646, staff is submitting the attached investment report for Council's review. The report includes all investments held by the City of Sunnyvale. Funds not immediately needed for disbursement and held in investments are managed by Chandler Asset Management.

Funds for the City's Deferred Compensation Plan, the City's Retirement Plan, the City's Pension Trust, Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) Trust, and any proceeds from debt issuance are not included in this report. These funds are managed and held by third party administrators and trustee custodial banks.

California Government Code Section 53600 et seq., strictly governs which investments public agencies can hold. In some cases, State law also governs what percentage of the portfolio can be invested in certain security types, maximum maturities, and minimum credit ratings by the major rating agencies (Standard & Poor's and Moody's Investors Service). Public agencies can only invest in fixed income securities. The purchase of stock is prohibited. Therefore, the City primarily invests in highly rated securities such as U.S. Treasury, Federal agencies, and government sponsored enterprise debt as well as high credit quality, non-governmental debt securities.

The California Government Code also requires investment objectives of safety, liquidity, and return in that order. As such, safety of principal is the foremost objective of the City's investment program. The portfolio must remain sufficiently liquid to enable the City to meet all cash requirements.

The City Council first adopted a policy (7.1.2 Investment and Cash Management) governing the investment of City funds on July 30, 1985. This policy is reviewed and adopted annually. Council adopted an updated policy for FY 2018/19 at its August 14, 2018 meeting....

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