Legislative Public Meetings

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File #: 22-0710   
Type: Report to Board/Commission Status: Passed
Meeting Body: Housing and Human Services Commission
On agenda: 8/24/2022
Title: Consider a Tenant Protections and Right to Lease Ordinance (Study Issue)
Attachments: 1. Reserved for Report to Council, 2. Survey Results - Surrounding Jurisdictions, 3. Survey Results - Stakeholders/General Public, 4. Correspondence Received from the Public, 5. Draft Ordinance
Related files: 22-0907, 22-0905
Consider a Tenant Protections and Right to Lease Ordinance (Study Issue)

On October 12, 2020, City Council approved the Housing Strategy (RTC No. 20-0809), which resulted from a cumulation of many workshops, outreach meetings and several public hearings. The Housing Strategy identified areas for improvement to current programs as well as new programs to consider for Sunnyvale's growing population and housing needs. Two items from the Housing Strategy that emerged as Tier 1 and 2 items were a relocation assistance requirement for no-fault just cause evictions and a right to lease requirement for landlords to offer tenants a longer-term lease rather than just month-to-month tenancy. The right to lease component of this ordinance was also a 2019 Study Issue (CDD 18-0710). City staff realized an opportunity to combine both projects into one and named it Tenant Protections. If approved, the resulting Ordinance will become part of Sunnyvale's Municipal Code.
The Housing and Human Services Commission is scheduled to review this item on August 24, 2022; the Planning Commission is scheduled to consider this item on September 12, 2022; and, the City Council is scheduled to consider this item on September 27, 2022.

Sunnyvale General Plan, Housing Element
GOAL HE-1 Adequate Housing: Assist in the provision of adequate housing to meet the diverse needs of Sunnyvale's households of all income levels.
GOAL HE-2 Enhanced Housing Conditions and Affordability: Maintain and enhance the conditions and affordability of existing housing in Sunnyvale.
Goal HE-5 Equal Housing Opportunities: Promote equal housing opportunities for all residents, including Sunnyvale's special needs populations, so that residents can reside in the housing of their choice.

The action being considered is exempt from the provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act ("CEQA") un...

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