Legislative Public Meetings

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File #: 22-0838   
Type: Report to Council Status: Passed
Meeting Body: City Council
On agenda: 9/27/2022
Title: Adopt a Resolution Extending the City's Declaration of Local Emergency for COVID-19
Attachments: 1. Draft Resolution, 2. Resolution No. 1139-22

Adopt a Resolution Extending the City's Declaration of Local Emergency for COVID-19

On March 12, 2020, City Manager Kent Steffens declared a local health emergency pursuant to the authority granted to him as the Emergency Services Director in Sunnyvale Municipal Code Chapter 2.16 (Emergency Organization and Functions) and applicable state law. The City Council adopted a resolution ratifying that declaration (Resolution No. 979-20) on March 17, 2020, and resolutions extending the declaration on April 7, 2020 (Resolution No. 981-20), May 26, 2020 (Resolution No. 994-20), July 14, 2020 (Resolution No. 1010-20), August 25, 2020 (Resolution No. 1016-20), October 13, 2020 (Resolution No. 1025-20), December 8, 2020 (Resolution No. 1036-20), February 2, 2021 (Resolution No. 1042-21), March 30, 2021 (Resolution No. 1045-21), May 25, 2021 (Resolution No. 1057-21), July 13, 2021 (Resolution No. 1069-21), August 31, 2021 (Resolution No. 1078-21), October 26, 2021 (Resolution No. 1088-21), December 14, 2021 (Resolution No. 1099-21), February 1, 2022 (Resolution No. 1106-22), March 22, 2022 (Resolution No. 1110-22), May 3, 2022 (Resolution No. 1115-22), June 28, 2022 (Resolution No. 1130-22) and August 9, 2022 (Resolution No. 1139-22).
The state and county have lifted most health mandates. COVID-19 emergency declarations continue in effect so that public health authorities can continue to be nimble in responding to changes in cases, variants, and other issues affecting case counts and virus transmissibility. Therefore, consistent with the state and county, staff recommends that Council adopt the attached resolution extending the City's declaration of a local emergency, to be reviewed again within 60 days pursuant to Government Code section 8630 (California Emergency Services Act), or sooner if conditions and assessments from county and state public health dictate. Extending the local health emergency empowers the City to co...

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