Legislative Public Meetings

File #: 23-0209   
Type: Report to Board/Commission Status: Passed
Meeting Body: Housing and Human Services Commission
On agenda: 1/25/2023
Title: Review and Rank 2023 Study Issues
Attachments: 1. Board/Commission Process for Ranking Study Issues, 2. Study Issue CDD 23-01: Consider Increasing Inclusionary Housing Requirements to 20% in New Residential Development, 3. Study Issue CDD 23-03: Review and Potentially Update the Housing In-Lieu Fees for Rental and Ownership Housing
Review and Rank 2023 Study Issues

In the 1970's, the City of Sunnyvale developed a process for prioritizing local policy concerns that became known as the "study issues process". A study issue is a topic of concern that may result in a new or revised City policy. The study issues process provides both City Council and City staff with a valuable planning and management tool, by providing a method for identifying, prioritizing and analyzing policy issues in an efficient and effective way. It provides a structured approach for addressing the large number of policy issues that are raised each year.

Council reviews all study issues once a year at the Council Study Issues Workshop. The process allows Council to rank the issues, separating those issues that may have seemed important when they were first raised from the truly critical issues. It also allows the City Manager and department directors to set and schedule the examination of issues so the workload does not interfere with the day to day delivery of City services at levels set by Council.

After a study issue is sponsored by Council, a commission, or staff, staff prepares and submits study issue papers to the city manager for review and approval. The study issue paper describes the topic of concern proposed to be studied, identifies how the issue relates to the General Plan, the origin of the issue, expected public outreach, staff hours, any additional resources required for study, and a staff recommendation regarding whether or not to study the issue. Study issue papers not under the purview of a board or commission are routed directly to Council for the annual Study Issues Public Hearing and Council Study Issues Workshop.

Roles in the Process
The study issues process includes participation by Councilmembers, City staff, board and commission members, and the public. A brief explanation of each of their roles follows:

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