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File #: 24-0559   
Type: Report to Board/Commission Status: Agenda Ready
Meeting Body: Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission
On agenda: 5/16/2024
Title: Forward a Recommendation to City Council to Amend the Climate Action Playbook and Adopt Game Plan 2028
Attachments: 1. Attachment 1 - Reserved for Report to Council, 2. Attachment 2 - Climate Action Playbook _ Game Plan 2028, 3. Attachment 3 - At-A-Glance Pathway to 2045, 4. Attachment 4 - At-A-Glance Game Plan 2028 Moves, 5. Attachment 5 - Snapshot of Public Feedback, 6. Attachment 6 - Compilation of Public Feedback, 7. DRAFT Presentation to BPAC RTC No 24-0559 - 20240516.pdf
Forward a Recommendation to City Council to Amend the Climate Action Playbook and Adopt Game Plan 2028

The City of Sunnyvale's Climate Action Playbook (Playbook) was adopted in 2019 and outlines a pathway for the City to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). The Playbook set a 2030 target to reduce emissions 56% below 1990 levels and a 2050 target to reduce emissions 80% below 1990 levels. The Playbook also defined key metrics in each of the Strategies to support achieving these GHG reduction goals.

Working with a consultant team, staff conducted technical analysis, gathered community input, and developed proposed amendments to the Playbook and Draft Game Plan 2028. The Game Plan is the near-term work plan for the City's sustainability initiatives, identifying the Next Moves for action through 2028.

There are three key amendments being proposed to the Playbook. The first is to update the carbon neutrality target to align with the State's new target which is 85% below 1990 levels by 2045. The second proposed amendment is to qualify the Playbook for California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) streamlining purposes. The third is to update several Play metrics to support carbon neutrality and add a new Play (Play 3.4) to decarbonize off-road equipment and vehicles.

Community input was critical to developing the Draft Game Plan 2028. The community provided input during the ideation phase of the Game Plan as well as during the public review period. Over 440 ideas were considered during the ideation phase and over 600 individual comments were collected during the public review period.

The Proposed Game Plan 2028 includes a total of 66 "Moves," or actions, including 33 that are new to this plan. Implementation of the full array of Moves recommended in the Playbook's Game Plan 2028 is estimated to require additional funding of $1.7 million in...

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