Legislative Public Meetings

File #: 24-0651   
Type: Agenda Item Status: Agenda Ready
Meeting Body: Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission
On agenda: 5/16/2024
Title: Review FY 2024/25 Recommended Budget
Attachments: 1. Fiscal Year 24/25 Recommended Budget City Manager's Letter of Transmittal.pdf, 2. Presentation to BPAC RTC 24-0651 - 20240516.pdf




Review FY 2024/25 Recommended Budget



The full recommended budget can be found on the City website at the following location:




Volume 1 - Summary & Operating Budget

Volume 2 - Projects Budget


The City of Sunnyvale's budget process alternates each year between Operating and Capital Improvement Projects Budget. This year, our focus is on Operating Budget, allocating resources, personnel, goods and services. This year is the second year of the Capital Improvement Projects Budget cycle, so the only changes made to Capital Improvement Projects Budget are on an exception basis.


Staff recommends that the Commission review the City Manager's Letter of Transmittal. In addition, the Commission should also review the Department of Public Works (DPW) Narrative in Volume I, Summary & Operating Budget.


The Transportation and Traffic program is a part of the DPW budget. The upcoming operating budget is expected to increase from the current fiscal year to FY 2024/25 by 25.2% and an increase from FY 2024/25 to FY 2025/26 by 3.9%.


Key sections in the Recommended Budget related to Transportation and Traffic:

                     Volume 1 Page 9 - Memo from City Manager

                     Volume 1 Page 23 - FY 2024/25 Budget Summary Highlights

                     Volume 1 Page 247 - Budget Supplements

o                     Page 249: Budget Supplement No.1 - Funding for Study Issues for the FY 2024/25 Recommended Budget

o                     Page 263: Budget Supplement No.5 - Hire an Active Transportation Planner

o                     Page 267: Budget Supplement No.6 - Curb Painting Program

                     Volume 1 Page 461 - Budget Summary for Program 13100 - Transportation and Traffic Services