City of Sunnyvale  
Notice and Agenda - Final  
Zoning Administrator Hearing  
Wednesday, September 14, 2022  
3:00 PM  
West Conference Room, City Hall, 456 W.  
Olive Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94086  
Special Teleconference Notice  
Because of the COVID-19 emergency and the health orders issued by Santa Clara  
County and the State of California, this hearing of the Sunnyvale Zoning  
Administrator will take place by teleconference, as allowed by Government Code  
Subdivision 54953(e) and Resolution No. 1089-21 (reaffirmed August 9, 2022).  
Public Participation  
• Teleconference participation: You may provide audio public comment by  
connecting to the teleconference hearing online or by telephone. Use the Raise  
Hand feature to request to speak (*9 on a telephone):  
Hearing call-in telephone number: 833-548-0276 | Meeting ID: 944 4239 9040  
• Watch the Zoning Administrator hearing at  
• Submit written comments to the Zoning Administrator no later than 4 hours prior  
to the hearing start to or by mail to Sunnyvale  
Planning Division, 456 W. Olive Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94086-3707  
• Review recordings of this hearing and past hearings at  
Accessibility/Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Notice  
Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), if you need special  
assistance to provide public comment, or for other special assistance; please  
contact the City at least 48 hours prior to the meeting to enable the City to make  
reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to this meeting. ADA contact: The  
Planning Division may be reached at 408-730-7440 or (28 CFR 35.160 (b) (1)).  
Call to Order via teleconference.  
Proposed Project:  
SPECIAL DEVELOPMENT PERMIT: Convert an existing interior  
space - tall ceiling above dining room - to a 136-square foot second floor  
bedroom, resulting in a 1,771-square foot single-family home  
(1,350-square foot house and 421-square foot garage) and 56% floor  
area ratio (FAR).  
Location: 370 Pismo Terrace (APN: 165-46-079)  
File #: 2022-7337  
Zoning: R-1.7/PD (Low Medium Density Residential/Planned  
Applicant / Owner: Ardekon Design and Construction (applicant) / Yilin  
Wang and Yi Qin (owner)  
Environmental Review: Class 1 Categorical Exemption relieves this  
project from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) provisions.  
Project Planner: Robby Miller, 408-730-7429,  
Notice to the Public:  
Agenda information is available by contacting The Planning Division at  
408-730-7440 or Agendas and associated reports are  
also available on the City’s website at or at the Sunnyvale  
Public Library, 665 W. Olive Ave., Sunnyvale, 72 hours before the meeting.  
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that if you file a lawsuit challenging any final decision on  
any public hearing item listed in this agenda, the issues in the lawsuit may be  
limited to the issues which were raised at the public hearing or presented in  
writing to the City at or before the public hearing.  
PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that Code of Civil Procedure section 1094.6  
imposes a 90-day deadline for the filing of any lawsuit challenging final action on  
an agenda item which is subject to Code of Civil Procedure section 1094.5.