City of Sunnyvale  
Meeting Minutes - Final  
Heritage Preservation Commission  
Wednesday, May 3, 2023  
7:00 PM  
Online and Bay Conference Room  
(Room 145), City Hall,  
456 W. Olive Ave.,  
Sunnyvale, CA 94086  
Regular Meeting - 7 PM  
Public Participation  
Accessibility/Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Notice  
Chair Sharma called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.  
Chair Sharma led the salute to the flag.  
Commissioner Rajkumar was excused in light of her email to staff prior to the  
Present: 6 -  
Chair Pamela Sharma  
Vice Chair Sarosh Patel  
Commissioner Jenny Bratton  
Commissioner Steve Caroompas  
Commissioner Dawn Hopkins  
Commissioner Sue-Ellen Johnson  
Absent: 1 - Commissioner Ashmita Rajkumar  
Approve the Draft Heritage Preservation Commission Meeting Minutes  
of April 5, 2023  
Chair Sharma noted a typo correction to the second paragraph of Item 2 from "tale"  
to "table".  
Vice Chair Patel motioned and Commissioner Hopkins seconded to approve the  
Draft Heritage Preservation Commission Meeting Minutes of April 5, 2023, as  
The motion carried by the following vote:  
Yes: 5 -  
Chair Sharma  
Vice Chair Patel  
Commissioner Caroompas  
Commissioner Hopkins  
Commissioner Johnson  
No: 0  
Absent: 1 - Commissioner Rajkumar  
Abstain: 1 - Commissioner Bratton  
Proposed Project:  
RESOURCE ALTERATION PERMIT: to remove 148 Crescent  
Avenue from the Heritage Resource Inventory and consider the  
impacts of an 18-unit townhouse development (#2021-7826) and  
minor exterior improvements for the house at 156 Crescent  
Location: 148 and 156 Crescent Avenue (APNs: 211-35-008 and  
File #: 2021-7265  
Zoning: R-3/PD (Medium Density Residential / Planned Development)  
Applicant / Owner: Samir Sharma (applicant) / Crescent Ave LLC  
Environmental Review: A Class 32 categorical exemption relieves  
this project from California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) provisions.  
Project Planner: Momo Ishijima, (408) 730-7532,  
Ms. Ishijima noted that the townhouse proposal will be going to the Planning  
Commission for review on May 22, 2023 and said that the Heritage Preservation  
Commission's role is to make the decision on the removal of the 148 Crescent  
Avenue from the City’s Heritage Resource Inventory list and consider the impacts of  
the townhouse project on the heritage resource to remain at 156 Crescent Avenue.  
She noted that the area was mapped out as part of the Easter Gable subdivision in  
the 1920’s and was a poultry farm owned by the Parish family for over 80 years.  
She also said that the design would not impact the historic integrity of the original  
house at 156 Crescent Avenue.  
Chair Sharma asked staff of the possibility of adding another heritage resource in its  
place and Principal Planner George Schroeder replied that a new Heritage  
Resource Inventory listing would be a future study separate from tonight’s Proposal  
and that there is a larger study issue for consideration (Study Issue CDD 18-02) to  
do a comprehensive update of the Heritage Resource Inventory.  
Vice Chair Patel discussed the concern that the historical aspect of the area is  
already lost because part of the significance was the poultry farm and not the home.  
The poultry farm and its associated accessory structures should have been  
addressed further in the historic evaluation. Mr. Schroeder responded that this  
consideration is part of the decision the Commission needs to make.  
Commissioner Caroompas said that the warehouse in the rear is being used as car  
storage and the public can't enjoy the property in its current state and is an eyesore.  
He asked if there were any signs of the former egg farm. Ms. Ishijima noted that  
there is a mural (noted on page 6 and 7 of the report) in the rear that depicts the  
Parish Family Egg Farm and Mr. Caroompas asked staff if the Parish family is  
considered historically significance to the City’s history. Ms. Ishijima said they were  
not and that the Commission’s decision tonight may include a condition to  
memorialize the historical significance of the home, such as a plaque.  
Commissioner Johnson noted that she has been studying this property for years as  
she is a member of the Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum and that she was able to  
tour the property with the Parish family. She noted that the mural was part of the  
egg farm retail store in the rear. She also suggested installation of a plaque onsite.  
Ms. Ishijima noted that it is in the Commission’s purview to include a requirement for  
a plaque.  
Commissioner Hopkins noted that the property may be eligible for the state and  
national register, in which the owner may apply for this. She noted that the City’s  
Plaque Program may be good to reference in the plaque design.  
Chair Sharma opened the public hearing.  
Samir Sharma, applicant, delivered a slide presentation.  
Chair Sharma asked Mr. Sharma what 156 Crescent Avenue will be used as and  
Mr. Sharma replied that it will be a residential home.  
Commissioner Caroompas asked if a solar study has been completed and Mr.  
Sharma replied yes.  
Commissioner Caroompas asked Mr. Sharma if there are any artifacts that may be  
worth saving and whether they would be opposed to keeping the mural. Mr. Sharma  
responded they would take it under consideration.  
Chair Sharma discussed the possibility of adding a plaque to commemorate the  
historical significance and Mr. Sharma noted that he can consider that idea as long  
as the privacy of the residents will not be impacted.  
Vice Chair Patel noted that a plaque in the front of the house may add value to the  
home and Mr. Sharma replied that it may cause unwanted foot traffic to the owners.  
Commissioner Caroompas agreed that a historic plaque to commemorate the  
historical significance at a proper location is a good idea.  
Commissioner Bratton asked Mr. Sharma whether there is a name for the  
development and asked him if they would include the Parish family in the name of  
the development.  
Lisa Prather, neighbor northwest of the project site, did not attend the previous  
community outreach meeting. She asked about the proposed project’s construction,  
traffic, and noise may affect the neighborhood. There are currently traffic impacts.  
She asked if any studies were made in regard to traffic and noise impacts and Ms.  
Ishijima noted that a noise impact study was done and that the development portion  
of this project is scheduled for the May 22, 2023 Planning Commission hearing.  
Commissioner Caroompas commented that the proposed townhouse project should  
be more compatible with the original home to remain at 156 Crescent Avenue. Mr.  
Sharma noted that their historical consultant was not pleased with the initial design  
because it matched too much. They believe they have achieved a balance of a  
difference in architecture and compatibility with the existing home.  
Commissioner Hopkins noted that a historic building should differentiate from the  
surrounding structures.  
Chair Sharma closed the public hearing.  
Mr. Schroeder reminded the Commissioners that the proposed townhome project  
design is not in this Commission's purview (it is the Planning Commission), although  
they may certainly comment on the proposed design.  
Chair Sharma moved and Commissioner Hopkins seconded the motion to approve  
Alternative 2: Approve the Resource Alteration Permit with modified conditions to  
include a plaque.  
HISTORICAL PLAQUE: A plaque honoring the heritage resource and the  
significance of the agricultural heritage of the site shall be placed prior to final  
occupancy of the townhome project. Location, size and language of the plaque shall  
be reviewed and approved by the Director of Community Development prior to  
issuance of building permits.  
FRIENDLY AMENDMENT: Commissioner Caroompas proposed a friendly  
amendment to include the preservation of the mural along with adding a historical  
The friendly amendment was not accepted by Chair Sharma. Commissioner  
Caroompas rescinded his friendly amendment.  
The original motion carried by the following vote:  
Yes: 6 -  
Chair Sharma  
Vice Chair Patel  
Commissioner Bratton  
Commissioner Caroompas  
Commissioner Hopkins  
Commissioner Johnson  
No: 0  
Absent: 1 - Commissioner Rajkumar  
Mr. Schroeder thanked Commissioner's Bratton and Hopkins for their service as  
June will be their last meeting serving on the Commission.  
Commissioner Bratton appreciated Commissioner Caroompas’ passion to preserve  
history and Commissioner Johnson for her knowledge of Sunnyvale's history.  
-Commissioner Comments  
Chair Sharma adjourned the meeting at 8:16 PM.