City of Sunnyvale  
Meeting Minutes  
City Council  
Tuesday, September 20, 2022  
6:00 PM  
Telepresence Meeting: City Web Stream  
Special Meeting: Moffett Park Specific Plan - Mobility Workshop - 6 PM  
Call to Order  
Pursuant to Government Code Subdivision 54953(e), the meeting was conducted  
telephonically; pursuant to state law, the City Council made the necessary findings  
by adopting Resolution No. 1089-21, reaffirmed on August 30, 2022.  
Mayor Klein called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m. via teleconference.  
Roll Call  
Present: 6 -  
Mayor Larry Klein  
Vice Mayor Alysa Cisneros  
Councilmember Gustav Larsson  
Councilmember Glenn Hendricks  
Councilmember Russ Melton  
Councilmember Omar Din  
Absent: 1 - Councilmember Anthony (Tony) Spitaleri  
Mayor Klein, Vice Mayor Cisneros and Councilmember Larsson, Hendricks, Melton,  
and Din attended via teleconference.  
Councilmember Spitaleri joined the meeting at 6:13 p.m.  
Moffett Park Specific Plan: Mobility Workshop  
Principal Planner Michelle King and the following provided the staff presentation:  
- Chris Sensenig, Senior Associate, Raimi & Associates  
- Meghan Weir, Principal, Nelson/Nygaard  
- Emily Roach, Senior Associate, Nelson/Nygaard  
Round Table Discussion  
The following provided responses to questions from the community:  
- Chris Sensenig, Senior Associate, Raimi & Associates  
- Principal Planner Michelle King  
- Meghan Weir, Principal, Nelson/Nygaard  
- Transportation & Traffic Manager Dennis Ng  
- Brent Pearse, Transportation Planner, Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)  
Public Comment opened at 7:44 p.m.  
Tom Gilman shared concerns regarding suggestions to breakup larger parcels,  
such as the Navy Parcel, into smaller parcels.  
Janette D’Elia, Jay Paul Company communicated concerns about the proposed  
parking ratios.  
Gail Rubino voiced concerns regarding the number of roads accessing the Plan  
area and a lack of sufficient accommodations for residents from outside the Plan  
area to park in the Plan area.  
Phil Mahoney, Real Estate Broker, Newmark shared concerns with the how the  
proposed parking requirements in the Moffett Park Specific Plan will cause potential  
tenants to neighboring cities.  
Mitch Vinciguerra, Nor Cal Carpenters Union Local 405 spoke in support of projects  
hiring union professionals and community benefits union apprenticeship programs  
Rani Fischer, Santa Clara Valley Autobahn Society shared concerns of the Plan's  
potential effects on the wetland environment.  
Sharlene Liu, Bike Sunnyvale spoke in support of greater accessibility for bicycle  
and pedestrian access in Moffett Park.  
Mark Hlady, Bike Sunnyvale voiced support for a Moffett Park Transportation  
Management Association (TMA) program.  
Stephen Meier, Bike Sunnyvale spoke to increasing bicycle connectivity between  
Moffett Park and the rest of Sunnyvale.  
Maia Harris, Jay Paul Company shared concerns about the public safety coverage  
in the Moffett Park area  
Angela Rausch spoke in support of the Plan's efforts to make the neighborhood  
more bicycle and pedestrian friendly.  
Kenneth Javier-Rosales, Planning Senior Associate, SV@Home communicated  
support for the Plan, particularly the additional housing units allowed for under the  
Plan and potential environmental benefit measures included in the Plan.  
Agnes Veith, Livable Sunnyvale voiced support for a TMA and additional mobility  
options in the Moffett Park area.  
Marlee Smith, Director of Transportation Policy, Silicon Valley Leadership Group  
shared their support of the transportation goals of the Plan and integrations with  
existing transportation options.  
Jeff Holzman, Real Estate Development Director, Google communicated support for  
the creation of a TMA and the Plan's transportation goals.  
Kerry Haywood, Moffett Park Business Group spoke in support of the transportation  
and circulation goals of the Plan.  
Public Comment closed at 8:09 p.m.  
Adjourn Special Meeting  
Mayor Klein adjourned the meeting at 9:30 p.m.